Relationship Revolution 2

Power of Personality

MARCH 11-13, 2016

A Powerful Urban Retreat for Jewish singles in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of sunny L.A.! 

Explore the Power of Personality
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Featuring: Leonard Carr, Chana Levitan MSc.

Join Breakthrough Dating and Pico Shul for a transformational weekend of relationship education with dating and marriage experts Leonard Carr (Johannesburg), Chana Levitan MSc (Jerusalem), Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein (LA), and Shira Teichman (LA).


Breakthrough really gave me the tools to help me set the tone and the backdrop for an enduring, healthy relationship that led me to get engaged. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Breakthrough.
— Aryeh Smith

Breakthrough Dating programs are a special blend of ancient wisdom and modern psychology and is endorsed by experts.  “I recommend this program for those who are feeling stuck and frustrated with the dating process”, said Dr. David Pelcovitz, Chair of Psychology and Education at Yeshiva University. (See full approbation below.)



A clinical psychologist with decades of experience, and guided by Torah wisdom, Leonard Carr is a highly insightful and world-renowned speaker, author, and expert in personality-types, who has--among many other accomplishments-- helped hundreds of singles make the changes they need to find love and a meaningful, happy relationship. In 2014, he helped launch the Breakthrough Dating initiative, the foundation of which is based upon Carr's empowering “Appreciative Approach” to relationships: a highly developed system which provides a road-map for harmonizing personality differences in order to achieve Shalom.

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Chana Levitan, MSc, is an educator, speaker, marriage therapist and author with over twenty-five years of experience. Her best-selling book I Only Want to Get Married Once is a clear and practical guide to choosing the right marriage partner. Chana has lectured extensively across the globe on five different continents and has counseled thousands of men and women on dating and marriage. She is a frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, including WCBS 880 and WLS 890.  Chana is now launching her second book, “THAT’S Why I Married You”—a practical guide for couples to navigate their personality differences. Visit for more info.

“There is nothing like it,” Derek Saker, co-Founder, JWed/
These events created real moments with great people. The communication was so real and tangible, that you can feel it in the room. A group of people with separate minds became one heart. This helped me in my relationship with my friends and especially in dating. Thank you, Breakthrough!”
— - Dan L., Lawrence, Consultant, 33

Breakthrough Dating programs are a special blend of ancient wisdom and modern psychology and is endorsed by experts.  “I recommend this program for those who are feeling stuck and frustrated with the dating process”, said Dr. David Pelcovitz, Chair of Psychology and Education at Yeshiva University. (See full approbation below.)

Approbation from Dr. David Pelcovitz,   Chair of Psychology and Education at Yeshiva University  October 22, 2015 

On a visit to South Africa several years ago I met Leonard Carr and came to know him as a highly respected expert in relationships, who has a well-earned reputation as innovative, insightful and gifted in translating expertise into valuable and usable workshops for singles who are seeking to deepen their relationships. Working closely with Dr. Carr, Shira (Strassman) Teichman founded “Breakthrough”, a practical solution to the challenges of Jewish dating.
Through a combination of social and educational programming Strassman and Carr impart the wisdom and resources necessary to navigate the dating process with clarity and success. Through role-plays, lectures and a combination of powerful exercises designed to foster
self-awareness, clarity and insight Breakthrough has been successful in equipping singles with an enhanced appreciation of personal strengths and blind spots in a manner that many participants have found to be effective in reinvigorating their dating experiences. In a number of instances, Breakthrough participants have attributed finding a spouse to their participation in the program.
I have reviewed the formal feedback forms given to the participants who typically describe the experience as invaluable in giving them clarity and practical strategies for deepening relationships. I recommend this program for those who are feeling stuck and frustrated with the dating process and are seeking to build a lasting relationship.


Breakthrough Dating programs are built on the dating lessons learned from BD founder Shira Teichman, combined with the expertise of clinical psychologist Dr. Leonard Carr’s 30-year accomplished career in his native Johannesburg, South Africa and around the world. Through mock dates, guided meditations and other experiential exercises, we introduce participants to a fresh perspective on dating through Dr. Carr’s “Appreciative Approach.” At our live workshops, we create an atmosphere in which it is both possible and emotionally safe to connect with others on a deeper level --- and achieve a connection that’s more powerful than many participants have ever previously felt on a date. We achieve this by creating a comfortable, safe environment that does not involve re-hashing of personal “issues,” but rather, draws out the special and unique qualities in each participant.

While so many singles have come to our events feeling jaded and hopeless, they report leaving our events with a new sense of hope, clarity and possibility for achieving the relationship they really want---and a great number of them have been able do this successfully after attending a Breakthrough Dating event.

Please note that while Breakthrough Dating programs are open to Jewish singles of varying observance levels, all of our events are shomer shabbat and strictly kosher. Questions? Please email


I know what it means to feel confused, stagnant, frustrated and hopeless on the journey toward finding one’s soulmate. As the recipient of countless criticism from well-meaning friends and strangers during my single years, I felt my self-confidence as a single woman slowly erode---to the point that I believed--- subconsciously---that I no longer had anything substantial to offer in a relationship. I truly wanted to connect to the men I was dating, it just wasn't happening. There were just too many obstacles that I didn't know about which stood in my way. 

And I definitely wasn't alone in the struggle against "invisible obstacles." 

While I tried hard to fight my true feelings, and maintain an external facade of confidence, a voice kept telling me that something was wrong with me, that I wasn’t good enough---that I wasn’t truly deserving of love, for if I was, I would have already found it. For years, I continued to second-guess myself and my dating decisions. I dated from a guarded, fearful stance, that literally self-sabotaged my own relationships.

It was only once I re-discovered my strengths, felt more secure, confident and fulfilled as an individual, that my guard came down. I was finally able to successfully be present on a date, listen well, communicate my needs effectively, and appreciate the men I was dating. On this path, I finally found my soulmate. And the life-changing pearls of wisdom, go-to exercises and fresh perspective that I gained along thanks to Dr. Leonard Carr and other powerful mentors, form the basis for our revolutionary Breakthrough Dating programs.

I invite you to join me on the Breakthrough Dating journey traveled by hundreds of singles before you---many of whom are now engaged or happily married because they attended one or more of our amazing events.

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